technological solutions for mixing


MIZAR, Técnicas de Mezclado S.L., is a firm that designs and manufactures mixing machines employing cutting edge technology to achieve perfect homogeneity of dry and semi-dry products covering different sectors of: mortars and derivatives, refractories, gypsum, smelting, inertisation, abrasives, ceramics, glass…
We have specific models for each sector that are adapted to the requirements of each product and client.
Our mixers stand out for being the fastest on the market, for our high mixing quality and constant innovation through our R&D department, endorsed by the satisfaction of our customers on the domestic and international markets.
“Thanks to cooperation with and “”FEED-BACK”” from our customers, and the know-how acquired through our vast experience, MIZAR is acknowledged in the sector for having avant-garde technology in MIXING, undergoing constant INNOVATION and developing new products and solutions. We put all our effort into providing our customers with: quality, innovation, experience and efficiency.”
Mizar, Innovative SME of the Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación